The Healing Power of Food


During the last year, I’ve seen a lot of miracles occur. So many women and men in their 50's and beyond, who were stuck, ready to make some lifestyle changes, though were having a tough time getting there on their own. Through our work together, each was able to shift their wellness plans for the better to achieve his or her goals.

And it all starts with food.

The simple act of eating real food that is alive with life force and energy is one of the most powerful things that help my clients change their health and improve their weight for good.

When we hit 40 and beyond our bodies are going through a great number of changes. For many, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure creep in and for others, it’s weight gain, fatigue and trouble sleeping. 

Today, I'm sharing three powerful points about food and what to be aware of when it comes to your health and healing. 

1. What you eat you become. 

 When you are choosing your next bite – ask yourself, “Do I want to be made-up of this high-vibe apple, peach, pear or vegetable? Or would I rather be made-up of this chemical-laden processed diet coke, Oreo, boxed cracker or packaged candy!” I know it tastes great, though - what is it doing to your cells? It's aging you faster! When you begin to clean up the chemicals, additives, sugar and add in more plants, veggies, and fruits you will most likely feel better and age younger.

2. Food is information – It tells your cells to turn things on and turn things off.

We want to turn on the good stuff (immunity, energy, hormone balance, and hunger control) and turn off the bad stuff (inflammation, bloat, weight gain, and disease.) To do this, aim for fresh, clean, whole, non-gmo, organic, and unprocessed foods where possible.

3. Read Labels 

Avoid ingredients that are difficult to pronounce or your that your grandmother wouldn’t recognize. Most likely these are made in a lab and are used as fillers and shelf stabilizers. Keep in mind too that big food companies are looking out for profits, not your health. Take your power back today and become your own health advocate.

Marion Hebert