Each body is unique. My services are custom designed with the intention of empowering you with life-changing tools and information. Using a multifaceted approach, I guide you through your wellness journey with compassion, care and ease. Let’s radiate together!



Radiance: 3 month wellness transformation 

Glowing health for the ever-changing, inspired woman. 

This personalized plan is designed to empower you with the tips and tools you need to look and feel your radiant best. Whatever the challenge, whether it's weight loss, hormone imbalance, low energy, bloat, brain fog, high blood sugar, sleep issues, a recent health diagnosis, or intense sugar cravings, we work together to uncover the root cause. Our time together includes cleansing, healthy restaurant outings, market tours, new food ideas, assessing blood work, supportive supplements, self-care strategies, and beautifying superfoods to enhance your optimum glow. This customized journey is a holistic approach to whole-body health and vibrant beauty.  



Stamina: 3-month wellness transformation

Peak performance health for the high achieving man.

This game-changing experience empowers you with the tools you need to reclaim your health and look and feel your virile best. Whether you are dealing with high blood sugar, low testosterone, high blood pressure, low energy, trouble losing weight, sleep issues, sugar cravings or a combination of the above, we address your specific needs and create a plan to give you back your high-powered edge. Our time together includes assessing blood work, cleansing, stress management, mindset strategies, weight loss tactics, travel tips, supportive supplements and energizing superfoods to compliment your busy lifestyle. This customized journey is a holistic approach to whole-body health and increased vitality.   


Previous Clients

Reboot: 6 week plan

Life happens. Sometimes we slip, fall, have a mid-life health challenge or stressful situation that takes us off our path to wellness. If this is you and we've worked together in the past, let me help you get back on track and feeling great. Our time together may include addressing hormonal issues, weight loss resistance, lifestyle rituals, and/or adding in new supplements, superfoods and adaptogens. Whatever is affecting your health, I will help you reboot, so you look and feel your optimum best. 


Brand Consulting

The wellness world is changing. Companies are making a concentrated effort to get a piece of the market share. If you’re creating a new product, upgrading an existing one or changing your entire marketing strategy, then understanding the landscape of current food trends is crucial to growing and maintaining your customer base. With my vast knowledge and over 25+ years of experience in the food, health and nutrition arena, I'm here to help. Let’s talk about how you can up-level your brand to increase your profits.


ALL Clients

Marlyn’s Market Tour

This customized two-hour experience is designed to enlighten and inspire you with new ideas to upgrade your daily food choices. We meet at your favorite local market (Whole Foods, Erewhon, Trader Joe's, etc.) and walk the aisles together. During our time, I share exciting new items to enhance your meals, snacks and smoothies. This fun-filled experience is full of empowerment and knowledge that will last a lifetime. After our tour, we sit down to a healthy lunch and I answer all your burning questions.

Podcasts, Confereneces, workshops  


Looking for a way to empower and inspire your group? Do you want a staff that is healthy, happy and energized? Need a nutrition expert to give science-based information that delivers long-lasting results? 

Book me for your podcast, conference or workshop. 

Topics may include:

• The Nourished Cell: The secret formula to losing weight & feeling great


• Boost Your Brain, Balance Your Hormones

• The Midlife Woman: How to revitalize your body & mind after 50

• 5 Ways to Up Your Production and Fuel Your Focus Each Day



If you’re committed to your health, want results that last and have a deep desire to learn and grow, then reach out and let's schedule a conversation.