Midlife Metabolism


Are you a woman or man in midlife who's struggling to lose weight? Are you frustrated with your changing body and waistline?

This has been a BIG theme with my clients lately and each week in my practice I am witness to miracles of transformation.

True story:

A 50-year-old man, who was a professional bodybuilder and a model in his 20’s and 30’s, came to me in March 2019 with high blood sugar, high cholesterol and an inability to lose weight. He was frustrated with himself and his body after trying just about every diet under the sun, including a high profile celebrity nutritionist (touted by the Kardashian’s) where he actually GAINED 9 lbs!!! 

His old ways, a strict high protein, low carb diet mixed with energy drinks and coffee to keep him awake and a few brews on Friday and Saturday night to wind down and destress, weren’t working anymore.

Here's what did work:

We talked about how our metabolism slows down at midlife due to hormonal changes, and the importance of eating in a way that balances blood sugar and supports a healthy gut and brain. He removed inflammatory foods from his diet: gluten, dairy, refined sugar, alcohol, peanuts, and processed chemical crap. He added in a supportive cleansing shake with specific nutrients and supplements targeted to repair his gut, boost his metabolism and help his body detox disruptive toxins that were keeping him bloated, fat and uncomfortable. To rid his body of harmful estrogen’s, he incorporated broccoli, cauliflower and ground flax seeds into his meals and shakes. Finally, we addressed the topic of stress.

WHY talk about STRESS?

Stress raises cortisol. When cortisol is abundant in high doses for long periods of time, it keeps us inflamed, overweight, cranky, hormonally imbalanced and awake at night. Over time, it can also be the precursor to certain diseases.

During our sessions, I shared tips to help him manage stress: daily deep breathing, taking walks in nature, SLOWING DOWN (WAAAY down) and using essential oils like Frankincense and my favorite BALANCE by doTERRA each day. (TRUTH: I use BALANCE almost every day to combat my own stress and feelings of uneasiness. A few drops on my wrist or decollete, and voila, I'm relaxed and more at peace. It smells so good too!)

Within days of following his new nutrition program, my client began to feel better. Within weeks he was dropping weight. Three months to date and he is down 15 pounds and has reached his goal weight. His blood sugar is normal. His mind is sharper. His sleep is better and his stress levels are lower. He is happier, more grounded and more productive at work. His business team says,'“he looks jacked and fit!” His confidence is up and he NEVER feels deprived. During the last three months, whenever he caved or fell off track, he was able to pick himself up and get back to his healthy lifestyle because he has the tools, a customized supplement plan, and a coach who cares and supports him.

I share this story to give you hope. At any moment you can change. At any moment you can choose health and improve your well-being. You can eat better, feel better and live your most authentic life. Just because the old ways aren’t working for your changing midlife body and metabolism doesn’t mean there’s no solution. It may take doing things differently, reaching out for support or finding a new plan that works for YOU and YOUR BODY.

You can begin with:

• LOWERING THE TOXIC LOAD in your diet and eliminating inflammatory foods. 
• Up your exercise routine and move your body more.
• Look at your stress levels— including the judgmental, negative thoughts you may have about yourself and others - because these can actually be disruptive to your health and waistline. Replace these thoughts with love.

My door is always open if you'd like to talk and have a conversation about what working together may look like. My greatest intention is that you feel your best and thrive. Whichever path you choose, you have my support. 

Wishing you a summer of fun, relaxation and good health.

All my love,

Marion Hebert