18 Healthy Habits every woman should have…


A gift from me to you, with love!

-Marlyn Diaz

18 Healthy Habits Every Woman should have

  1. Each body is unique. Listen to yours.

  2. Speak your truth.

  3. Spend time in nature.

  4. Become your own health advocate. Seek a second or third opinion if needed.

  5. Detox. Including toxic friends, toxic foods and toxic emotions. They can all contribute to ill health.

  6. Learn to cook. Even if it’s one meal. You will feel proud.

  7. Become a food detective. Read labels.

  8. Never be afraid to step into your power. It’s inside waiting to be unleashed.

  9. Invite joy IN!

  10. Live with passion & purpose.

  11. Love your body and your life.

  12. Dance, stretch and move daily. A great way to keep your body strong and age well. 

  13. Eat like a rainbow. Good for your heart and your health.

  14. Seek pleasure. It’s yours for the taking.

  15. Look for the blessings. They are all around you.

  16. Add some fresh veggies to your day. Your skin will thank you.

  17. Surround yourself with amazing women.

  18. Let go and enjoy the journey.

Marion Hebert