Project Radiance

Project Radiance


Women’s Wellness Workshop:
Waking Up at Midlife

Saturday, September 7, 2019
The Garland Hotel, North Hollywood
9:30 am - 4:00 pm

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Join Marlyn Diaz, your LA-based Nutritionist and Wellness Educator, for a day of renewal, rejuvenation and inspired learning. Marlyn will share her 25+ years of knowing what works and how to use it to support your best life ever. This is the one day nutrition retreat for women who want to restore balance, increase energy and regain their unique sparkle and shine.

Why attend?

Project Radiance/LA will enlighten you and teach you how to incorporate “what works” into your day-to-day life. There is an abundance of information out there on nutrition and health— much of it is conflicting and confusing. Marlyn and her expert guest speakers will help clear the clutter and inspire you with simple strategies and powerful tips about what it takes to nourish your body and your spirit.

Who should attend?

If you’re a woman in your 40s, 50s, 60s+, and you want to reclaim your radiance, increase your energy, and feel better from the inside out, then this event is for you. If you struggle with stubborn weight, anxiety, brain fog, sleepless nights, hormone imbalances, low energy, midlife doldrums and everyday stress, then this event will walk you through ways to turn those things around. This special event will be filled with powerful tips, incredible cutting-edge nutrition knowledge, a community of amazing women and lots of FUN too!

Where is it?

Join us at The Garland Hotel—a warm and welcoming boutique Hollywood hotel. This charming urban oasis is situated across seven acres of rural land, minutes from the heart of Los Angeles.

The Garland Hotel
4222 Vineland Ave 
North Hollywood, CA 91602

Meet Our Panel of Guest Experts

Dr. Rachel Bar,  Psy. D. LMFT

Dr. Rachel Bar,
Psy. D. LMFT

Lori Kleiman, Positive Aging Coach

Lori Kleiman,
Positive Aging Coach

Stacy Thomes,  Home Organizer

Stacy Thomes,
Home Organizer

Janae Archuleta,  Reiki Master

Janae Archuleta,
Reiki Master

Reviews from Project Radiance, January 2019

Dear Marlyn,

Thank you so much for an amazing day at Project Radiance! You have a true talent to create a special learning, loving, and meaningful experience! Everyone was touched by your thoughtfulness, your knowledge, all your speaker’s knowledge, and the unique and special touches that you included…the greeting table, the food, the favors, the zen table, the sharing of healthy products and information, validating the parking, and sharing your beautiful heart, spirit, and presence. You looked so pretty in pink today and I am so moved by your strength, courage,  and positivity. 


Dear Marlyn,

Thank you for the amazing day!!!

So grateful!


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to attend the Wellness Seminar. I really learned a great deal and it supported my recent wellness goals. I especially enjoyed meeting you. Your life outlook is refreshing and your kind heart is evident.  


Hi Marlyn,             

I really enjoyed the seminar and learned a lot!  
Looking forward to the next one.



Speakers and Topics

Marlyn Diaz

Metabolism Makeover:
How to Eat, Heal & Get Unstuck!

Are you struggling with stubborn weight, low energy or a sluggish body?

Learn about the aging metabolism with integrative nutritionist and certified wellness educator, Marlyn Diaz, as she shares the foods, supplements, and lifestyle rituals to support better blood sugar, a healthier metabolism, better breast health, better cellular energy and improved hormonal balance at midlife and beyond. Topics to be discussed will include fasting, daily detoxification methods, weight loss strategies and simple eating plans to upgrade your body and improve your overall health and well-being. We’ll be diving in deep, highlighting cutting-edge hormone testing and creating a road map for optimal wellness.

Rachel Bar & Lori Kleiman

Positive Aging:
Dream, Leap, Live

Midlife is a time for reinvention, renewal and realigning with your dreams. Join Positive Aging Coach, Lori Kleiman and Rachel Barr, Psy.D. LMFT, as they share inspiring tips and insights on embracing life with a greater sense of passion, purpose and joy. Learn how to step into your most authentic radiant self and recreate your relationship with the things that matter most. You will walk away from this session with practical tools and a renewed sense of excitement about how truly beautiful and rewarding the mid-years can be.

Marlyn Diaz

The Healing Food Kitchen:
Next-Level Nutrition

Learn about all the exciting products that can be added to your snacks, meals and shakes to create glowing skin, hair and nails. Our time together will focus on new foods, healing salts, and botanical teas. Marlyn will highlight what to stock in your pantry and how to use these powerful remedies to increase your energy, boost your immunity, better your hormone health and raise your emotional wellness. Bonus: playtime with essential oils for stress reduction, hormone balance and immunity. Get ready to be inspired!

Stacy Thomes

The Serene Home:
Cleanse, Clear, Simplify

Does your home rise up to greet you with calm energy and a happy feeling when you walk through its doors?

Join professional home organizer, Stacy Thomes, as she shares powerful “insider” tips about creating a home that sparks joy and supports peaceful, warm serenity. Stacy will present simple ways to transform the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen into a sanctuary and space you love. We’ll also be presenting a variety of plants and techniques that clear out toxins and nourish the environment. 

Janae Archuleta

Chakras + Crystal Sound Bowl Healing:
Peace, Healing & Relaxation

This soothing, rejuvenating experience led by intuitive healer and Reiki master, Janae Archuleta, will calm your mind, relax your body and elevate your spirit. Janae will also teach us about the chakra system—the powerful energy centers of the body—what they are, how to unblock them if they're stuck and which colors to wear to activate them for greater personal power, better sex, a stronger more confident voice and increased creative energy and abundance.


9:30-10:00, Check In
Coffee,Tea, Meet & Mingle

10:00, Welcome

Marlyn Diaz
Metabolism Makeover:
How to Eat, Heal & Get Unstuck!

11:15-11:30, Break

Dr. Rachel Bar & Lori Kleiman
Positive Aging:
Dream, Leap, Live

Marlyn Diaz
The Healing Food Kitchen

1:00-1:30, Lunch

Stacy Thomes

The Serene Home:
Cleanse, Clear, Simplify

2:30-2:45, Break 

Janae Archuleta
Chakras & Crystals Sound Bowl Healing:
Peace, Healing & Relaxation

3:45-4:00, Closing Circle