Chef Michael Falso


Michael Falso is a name that most foodies in the Los Angeles and New York scene perk up to. That’s because he is one of the most prestigious plant-based chefs in the country.

He has the eye for plating scrumptious raw foods and executing diverse and innovative dishes. Michael is an award-winning and classically trained chef who is consistently coming up with cutting-edge, mind-blowing recipes. 

Right out of culinary school, Michael worked for Mario Batali at Del Posto. He started eating out all the time. As food became the center of his world, he started to gain a little bit of weight here and there.

After about a year of continuously gaining weight, he started to have some serious health issues. He was diagnosed with high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and pre-diabetes. Michael was struggling in a state of chronic fatigue and suffering from frequent migraines and bloody noses. His failing health led him on a personal journey— learning about the true healing power of food. 

To learn more about Michael’s story, check out the article in House of Citrine.

Chef Michael Falso
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